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Let's Change a Girls Life

For a small monthly donation, you can ensure a girl can continue her education.


The gift of education for a girl is the single best investment you can make to fight global poverty. Girls who stay in school are healthier, earn more money as adults, start families later and are more likely to send their daughters to school (if they wish to have kids). The cost of secondary school is prohibitive to many families. With your help, mohioshi can provide girls with scholarships to keep them in school. Your donation isn't only an investment in her life but on the lives of generations to come.  

1.  Choose the amount you wish to give

Select a monthly donation amount — any amount that’s right for you will make a life-changing difference for girls in rural Bangladesh.

2.  Easily make an impact every month

Your credit or debit account will be charged every month, making a positive impact on the girl you are supporting. 

3.  Join mohioshi's community 

You’ll join other amazing benefactors who allow for an empowering and lifelong change to happen to a girls' life. We’ll send you stories to let you know how your partnership is making a difference.


One Year Scholarship for One Girl 

will change her life forever

a year
a month

Monthly Donation

Change a girls life for £9 a month

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* This process requires you to have a PayPal account if you don't have one or wish to use another method please get in touch with us.

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