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Support Us

Let's Make A Change

when you give to mohioshi you fight against the barriers that girls and womxn face every day. You enable them to be empowered through the power of education! 

Here are some ways you can donate:

Donate Books, Laptops and Tablets

There are many ways you can help. 

We are building a library for the girls we support in Barashia. If you have any books, laptops or tablets, you wish to donate get in touch with us.

Become a Monthly Donor 

Become a monthly donor and actively make a difference every month. Your monthly donations will enable a scholarship for a girl to study for the full year, including all her books, fees, uniforms and exams. 

You can be the catalyst for her empowerment.

One Off Donation

All donations are invaluable to us; your donation will help us support more girls to continue or start their education again. Every year before the new academic term begins, we give our scholarships to as many girls as possible. 

Your donation will enable us to change more girls’ lives!

One Year Scholarship for One Girl 
will change her life forever

a year

or  £9
a month

P1011794 cropped.JPG

Get actively Involved

You can also check out our event page and become an active mohioshi supporter by organising your own fund-raising event! 

Volunteer with Us

Email us if you are interested in volunteering with the mohioshi team! 

You will be rewarded by knowing you are actively making a change and empowering girls' lives in rural Bangladesh! 

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